The temperature of the earth 10 feet under floor degree is a consistent fifty five degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

When the air in the backyard your domestic structure is under freezing, simply 10 feet under the snow-covered ground it’s nonetheless fifty five degrees. Or when summer time brings 97-degree weather, the earth under your residence continues at a regular and constant fifty five degrees.

You have in all likelihood pondered this phenomenon in domestic structures without even realizing it. When you go into your basement on a warm day, it’s great and cool down there due to the fact the earth is, you guessed it, fifty five degrees.

In the winter, even an unheated basement stays noticeably warm due to the fact of that regular 55-degree insulation from the surrounding earth.

Geothermal structures take gain of this naturally taking place constant. They harness the consistent temperature surrounding any domestic structure to warm or cool it as needed.

Although it’s referred to as geothermal energy, geothermal and different domestic geothermal structures don’t make electricity. They use the sustained temperature below the floor to warmness or cool your home.

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